Mechanical Services

Sunco Engineering offers you the capabilities to service your machinery equipments
i.e. gearbox , pumps , propeller including repairing of mechanical governors of all

Electrical Workshop Repair

Sunco Engineering repair AC and DC motors and generators of all voltage and sizes , locomotive
traction motor , low and high transformer , lifting magnets , We also manufacture and supply the
motor and generator parts i.e : slip-ring , commutators , carbon brushes , brush holders ,
cooling fans , renew shafts , winding temp sensor etc.

On-site Service

Inspection & Comissioning
Dynamic test (vibration test ,
Bearing condition test , Current test,…etc)
On-site overhaul & Repairing
Marine services
Laser Alignment
Field engineering service
Preventive & Predictive maintenance

Work Scope

Rewind AC Motor
Overhaul AC Motor
Overhaul DC Motor